Part 2. Most moral crusaders become crooks

     ONE of the saving graces of President Cory is that while she has undesirable relatives, the relatives of Doy Laurel are far more numerous, more clever, more closely linked, and more of a threat to the nation.
     Never trust the moral crusaders, these self-righteous assholes who think every one is a crook except themselves. Marcos and his cronies who accused the Macapagal administrators of graft and corruption, turned out to be the greatest crooks of the century. Among the moral crusaders of Cory who exposed the shenanigans of Marcos were Emil Ong, Speedy Gonzalez, Sonny Belmonte, Philip Juico, Romeo Santos, and the National Relatives -- who now stink like something the cat dragged in from the garbage heap.
     And those who accuse Cory's people of graft, including Doy, Gringo, and the Marcos loyalists -- will probably be the crooks and grafters of the next administration.
     Fie on them, oh fie! Don't even trust those religious nuts who think they are chosen by God to show us The Way.
     In April 1984, a fugitive from Spain was arrested in West Germany. He is Jose Mateos, a member of the Opus Dei and the head of Rumasa, the greatest conglomerate in Spain, who was accused of corruption and the funneling of millions to the Opus Dei.
     In 1970 in Chile, a group of twenty Opus Dei economists (of the IGS Opus Dei, the equivalent of our CRC) were trained by the CIA to participate in the military coup that toppled the democratically elected President Salvador Allende. These religious nuts were headed by Pablo Baraona (IGS' Bernie Villegas), Arturo Fontaine, Jaime Guzman, Claudio Orego, Francisco Orego, Hernan Cubillos, Alvaro Puga, Enrique Campos Mendez. In 1973, they and General Pinochet assassinated Allende, and in the aftermath, Hernan Cubillos became Foreign Minister and Pablo Baraona became Economics Minister, just what they had to be to best serve the CIA.
     During martial law, a group of Opus Dei executives -- Joselito Sandejas of Philtranco, Mario Camacho of Meralco, Rex Drilon of Mantrade, Antonio Ayala of PCIBank -- actually fronted for Kokoy Romualdez whose wife Julie was also Opus Dei, and protected Kokoy's companies from the PCGG, then arranged the transfer to those assets to themselves and to other oligarchs, the Lopez brothers and Ricardo Lopa, the National Brother-in-law.
     According to a reliable informant in the Development Bank, Chairman Jesus Estanislao from Opus Dei, one of the architects of the infamous Lopez Meralco deal, while forcing half of the DBP personnel to resign or retire, has put into permanent key positions a whole platoon of Opus Dei members and collaborators, eleven of them:
     o Augusto Uyengco, Alfredo Antonio, Crisostomo Abanes, all Senior Vice Presidents.
     o Julius Nazareno, Brillo Reynes, Edgardo Garcia, all Vice-Presidents.
     o Romeo Roderos, Assistant Vice-President.
     o Gil Gonzales, Mario Malicsi, Ernesto Dawson, all Senior Managers.
     o Alejandro Oppen (Omigosh, Ali our cousin?), Special Assistant.
     By God, they are now in a position to control the flow of government funds to the banking industry. When one realizes that Bank presidents Jovencio Cinco (Interbank) and Placido Mapa Jr. (Metro), as well as up-and-coming CityBank boy Vaughn Monroe Montes are Opus Dei -- when one realizes that CRC Opus Dei conducts indoctrination seminars and membership drives among top businessmen, military brass, Congressmen and student leaders -- the prognosis is truly frightening.
     The Opus Dei almost took over the Philippine Daily Inquirer, you know. When the staff decided to set up a union rather than be part owners of the paper, our publisher gave orders to our treasurer to buy out all the shares staff members cared to sell, to be sold to those who wanted to remain owners of the paper.
     Our treasurer who was a member of the Opus Dei, in the usual sneaky way, bought the shares in his own name (with funds provided by Opus Dei?). Then one day he announced, “Surprise, surprise, I now control the Inquirer with 52 percent of the outstanding shares!”
     Fortunately, our creditors held promissory notes that were convertible to common shares, and faced with the fearsome prospect of the Spanish Inquisition taking over the Inquirer, they threatened to convert their IOUs to common shares, assume control with the legitimate shareholders, and “lock in” Opus Dei into an untenable minority position.
     The Opus Dei capitulated and sold out. In the meantime their moral crusade lurches on.
     Not for nothing is the Opus called by priests of other religious orders -- The Black Masons, The Holy Mafia, The Papal CIA, Octopus Dei qui tollis pecuniam mundi, who takest away the wealth of the world, Octopus Diaboli.

June 6, 1989, Philippine Daily Inquirer