III. Letran educated more Filipino heroes than any other school

Chapter III. Letran educated more Filipino heroes than any other school

     Come off it guys, did you ever stop to think that Ateneo and La Salle have not produced a single President of the Philippines? The Dominicans of Letran and UST produced SIX presidents: Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel L. Quezon, Jose P. Laurel, and Sergio Osmena, Elpidio Quirino and Diosdado Macapagal.
     Ateneo and La Salle never produced a single saint. Letran produced the Peruvian saint San Martin de Porres by “bilocation” according to the Dominicans (1637) and EIGHT Blesseds: Brother Pedro de Sta. Maria (Chinese, 1627); Jacobo Omonaga (Japanese, 1633); Vicente Shiwosuka (Japanese, 1637); Brother Tomas de S. Jacinto (Chinese, 1628); Francisco Shoyemon (Japanese, 1633); Vicente Liem de la Paz (Vietnamese, 1773); Vicente Yen (Chinese, 1838); Fr. Domingo Tuoc (Vietnamese, 1839).
     Did you know that our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal studied 3 months in Letran? He was asked to leave because the Dominicans complained he was asking too many damn fool questions. He was transferred to Ateneo, where he took up his high school and Liberal Arts education, and was so badly educated (notwithstanding subsequent tutoring in Sto. Tomas) that he had to be shot in December 1896. The Dominicans from Letran knew from the very start that this upstart Rizal would come to a bad end.
     Did you know that Letran educated more Filipino heroes than all the other schools combined, including U.S.T.? Also the forbears of most Ateneans and La Sallites? Count them: Francisco Baltazar, poet laureate; revolutionaries Apolinario Mabini, Emilio Jacinto, Marcelo del Pilar, Padre Jose Burgos, Padre Jacinto Zamora, Artemio "Vibora" Ricarte, Dr. Jose Panganiban, Jose Torres Bugallon, Enrique Mendiola, Gregorio Aglipay; Chief Justices Cayetano Arellano, Manuel Araullo, Ignacio Villamor, Victorino Mapa, Ramon Avancena; businessmen Vicente Madrigal, Enrique Zobel Sr., Fernando Zobel Sr., Francisco Ortigas, Gene Puyat, Joaquin Preysler.
     Also the forebears of Cory (Juan Sumulong, Jose Cojuangco), of Ninoy (General Servillano Aquino, Benigno Aquino Sr.), of Mita (Trinidad Pardo de Tavera), of Father Pat (General Vicente Lim), of Tony (Jose Cuenco), of Joker (Jose Ma. Arroyo), of Maria K.K. (Teodoro Kalaw), of Pancho (Enrique Magalona), of Benny (Benigno Toda y Toledo), of Imelda (Mayor Miguel Romualdez of Manila), of Lindy (Leandro Locsin y de la Rama), of ZsaZsa (Carlos Padilla Sr.), of Iking (Antonio Belo), of Johnny (Alfonso Ponce Enrile), of Tito/Vic but not Joey (Senator Vicente Sotto), of Ting (Antonio Jayme), of Canlubang (Jose Yulo Sr.), of the owners of Cebu (Luis Aboitiz E. Irastorza), and my own grandpa (Senator Daniel Maramba of Pangasinan).
     I asked my grandfather why so many of our heroes were educated by Dominicans, and he answered, “It is because all of us under the Dominicans hated them so much that we swore we would dedicate our lives to driving them out of our country! Most of us lost our faith too, having been initiated into the fellowship of Free Masons.”
     (May, 2000 from articles written in 1987 for the Philippine Daily Inquirer)